Margot Weir, Daughter of Esme Lyon

 She has certainly enjoyed her time with you and your son. She has mentioned
many times what a fine young man he is and wanted me to let you know you
should be very proud of him.

Thank you as well for taking such good care of her for me. It means so much
to know that she is well cared for when I couldn’t be there.
I’m sure we will use your service again in the future – it has truly been a
wonderful experience. 

A Testimonial from Dr Noel Shen, D.M.D., Parkway Dental

 “Angie Papas had a wonderful and overdue  idea to provide a service that is very much needed in the Durham Region  where transportation is limited and many families have both parents  working.

Kids on Wheels / Seniors on Wheels will not only benefit  me and my family as I will be using this service for my children when  needed but I will also advertise it to my parents, especially since  there are many appointments missed due to lack of transportation.”

Mrs. Vera Esson, resident at The Village of Taunton Mills and Seniors on Wheels client since 2011.

 Mrs. Esson has been a wonderful ambassador  for us at Taunton Mills, both by spreading the word about Seniors on  Wheels to her fellow residents, and in providing suggestions to us how  we might better serve the community.

“When I first moved here I  had trouble finding any company that was able to provide drives  specifically for seniors. I had given up driving, but I still needed to  be able to go out for appointments.

I first heard about Seniors  on Wheels when Angie came to drop off cards for her new business. I  think there’s a great need for her service, and I’ve used it several  times over the past year. Angie has a heart of gold and has always  looked after me very well.  I very much recommend Seniors on Wheels to  anyone who needs to travel out into the community.”